Community Guidelines

You can help make sure the Optec Community Forum is a helpful and welcoming place for everyone by following these guidelines.

GuidelinesUpdated: 09.10.2020

  1. Please show respect to all. A majority of the answers are provided by other community members – like you.
    Please consider this when you post.
  2. Help us collaborate in a polite manner
    • Post new, helpful information when replying.
    • Stay on-topic.
    • Refrain from name calling, insulting or goading, or making negative comments.
    • Avoid bold fonts, all capital letters, or emphasized words, which might convey a negative tone.
    • No politics.
    • No posts about other companies.
  3. Welcome everyone.
    • Reply with useful and positive comments.
    • No fighting or commentary that is not constructive.
    • Refrain from name calling, insulting or goading, or making negative comments.
    • Treat others with respect and dignity. You can step away at anytime.
    • Keep it friendly.
    • Please show patience. All questions are good questions. Everyone is at a different level, skill,
      knowledge, or expertise. Please do not belittle others.
  4. Help others help you.
    • Please post in the appropriate forum.
    • When posting, make sure your question is clear. Include detail about the hardware, software version,
      and the issue you would like help with.
    • Create a short concise title for your post.
    • Thank members who help.
    • When a problem is solved, respond to the group to close the conversation.
    • Please search the forum for similar questions before posting a new question.
  5. Be Patient
    • The forum is not a live chat. Responses can take time.
    • Do your best to respond in a timely manner.
    • Optec team members will monitor the forum but there is no guarantee that they will respond. Please
      see the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page for more information.

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