M.E. Pro+–VPC features the dynamic Media Editor Pro Plus software and Virtual Price Changer application. Zone LED signs to display prices and advertising content, all from one powerful software suite.

Price Changer

Specialized pricing software makes unique application solutions.

Customizable virtual price changer zone, with multiple product lines, and price updater app. The updater app allows quick price changes without editing the template or schedule. VPC features layout templates, content layering, and price updater for a variety of pricing including regular, diesel, cash/credit, and more.

In the zone.

Display zoning creates unique applications and additional value.

Create and schedule a variety of content layouts with up to nine user-defined media zones. Mix static, variable, and dynamic content on one display. Additional software modules for price changers and digital scoreboards make specialty content easy.

All for One and One for All

The solution is simple… make it all digital.

Zoned Content

Display & Content Versatility

M.E. Pro+-VPC is the future of price/digit signage. With its easy to update price templates, content zoning, and advanced scheduling, you can design a sign that incorporates brand id, price/digits, and ads, all-on-one LED display. Our software and LED displays make all-on-one signage solutions a reality.

It only gets better with great content.

Advanced design tools create unforgettable visual media.

Create, import, layer, edit, organize, and preview with intuitive content creation tools. Easily manage text, images, video, effects, apps, and variable data content. Design eye-catching messages uniquely fit for your display and tailored to your audience.

Create, import, layer, edit, manage and preview with intuitive content creation tools.

Layer content to create messages with impact. Key text over images, animations, and video.

Utilize a variety of transition effects like scale, rotate, and fade in/out to create dynamic content.

Display customized time, temperature, date, numerals/characters, and variable data.

Timing is everything.

Dynamic scheduling functions create timely messaging.

Schedule down to the minute for one or multiple displays and in one or multiple zones. Create or import/export schedules for one or multiple zones and log playback. Easily edit and preview playlists and save individual content files to the content library for future use.

Schedule down to the minute for one or multiple displays.

Schedule or create campaign templates built around 24 hour or day part play back.

Create or import/export playlists for one or multiple zones and log playback.

Up to 100 available hot keys for instantaneous content playback.

Your display, your way.

Display controls tailor visual and hardware performance.

Control, network, and adjust a displays and its settings. Create, edit and group displays. Monitor and adjust display connectivity, temperature, and brightness.

Software Specs

All the details to geek out on.

Operating System Compatibility

Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10+

Size ±60MB
Compatibility Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10+
Font Compatibility TrueType, OpenType
Keyboard/Input Languages Multiple, Glyphs
Languages English
Rating 4+
Communication Ethernet, WiFi, Wireless, Fiber Optic, or Cellular
Required Processor 1GHZ Processor or Faster
Required Memory 2GB RAM
Required Hard Disk Space Up to 10GB Available
Required Video Card Intel® HD Graphics 520 or Better
Required Connectivity & Port Ethernet
Optional Connectivity* Internet Access
*Internet access is required for software updates and networking multiple display locations.

Download Software SpecsPlease consider the environment before printing.


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