Sky’s the Limit.

M.E. Cloud is a cloud-based software that allows users via a web browser on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to create dynamic content, schedule messages, and manage display settings quickly and effectively from any location*.

Thunder and Lighting.

Advanced cloud-software revolutionizes sign solutions.

For over 15 years, Optec has been an industry leader in cloud-based signage solutions. M.E. Cloud combines the best of our PC-based M.E. Pro+ with the freedom and simplicity of our DNET cloud-based software. M.E. Cloud is the perfect tool for organizations of all skill levels to effortlessly manage their Optec LED displays.

Location is everything.

Effortless location management creates greater display control.

Create and manage display locations from one easy to use interface. Group locations, color code for easy reference, and view locations on a map. Setup display locations prior to physical installation and be ready to send content as soon as it goes live.

Create, edit, and view each display location. View display schedules, campaigns, and status.

Adjust display settings for each location. Get insight on at location readings and display status.

Each outdoor location has its local sign zoning regulation set. M.E. Cloud will select content and set durations to match the local regulation.

Run status reports on one or multiple locations to streamline support and IT management.

It starts with great content.

Advanced design tools create dynamic visual media.

Create, import, layer, edit, organize, and preview with intuitive content creation tools. Manage text, images, video, effects, apps, easily online. Design eye-catching messages uniquely fit for your display and tailored to your audience.

Create, import, layer, edit, manage and preview with intuitive content creation tools.

Layer content to create messages with impact. Key text over images, animations, and video.

Utilize a variety of transition effects like scale, rotate, and fade in/out to create dynamic content.

Display customized time, temperature, date, numerals/characters, IPAWS, and more.

On schedule.

Dynamic scheduling functions create timely messaging.

Build campaigns in advance or push a quick messages to one, multiple, or all of your locations. Easily edit playlists by dragging and dropping content. Quickly add and remove messages after deployment for one or multiple locations. Leverage the power of day parts to target promotions and maximize results.

Schedule down to the minute for one or multiple displays.

Schedule or create campaign templates built around 24 hour or day part play back.

Create playlists for one or multiple signs. Drag and drop content to easily order your list.

Schedule content to one or multiple locations in four quick steps.

It’s all about M.E.

Customize M.E. Cloud to fit your team, and not vice versa.

Build your software around your organization. Oversee everything from the top down. Create users, user roles, and permissions for your network. Visibility, oversight, and control over your display from anywhere provides piece of mind.

Create a single organization or manage multiple organizations from one account.

Develop your organization from the top down. Create blind parent/child relationships and share resources.

Create and manage users and user roles. Create access levels and require approval for actions.

SSL technology and two-factor authentication are used to establish encrypted links between web browser and server.

Software Specs

All the details to geek out on.

Internet Browser Compatibility Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8+
Version 1.0
Browser Compatibility IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Browser/Server Security SSL
Password Protection 10 Character Minimum
Media JPG, PNG, MP4
Languages English
Rating 4+
Required Connectivity Internet Access
Required Processor 1GHZ Processor or Faster
Required Memory 1GB RAM
Required Hard Disk Space Up to 2GB Available
Required Video Card Intel® HD Graphics 520 or Better
Required Connectivity Internet Access

Download Software SpecsPlease consider the environment before printing.


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Once you’ve decided to select M.E. Cloud software for your display, the process is simple:

Optec’s specialized dealers and sales consultants are experts at addressing the technical factors that go into specifying the right software solution for your project. They will guide you through the process and will assist you in selecting your software with confidence. Let’s get started.

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