Opt-Slim: 2.6mm pixel pitch (6’6 5/8”x11’5 9/16”)

Low-profile. High-impact.

Opt-Slim is a super-light, ultra-thin, HD LED display. Modules are front and rear serviceable and built on a lightweight die-cast aluminum cabinet. Versatile pixel pitch and mount options make it a designer’s dream. Opt-Slim outperforms projection and LCD video walls and creates incredible visual experiences.

It begins with the LED.

Sophisticated technology creates incredible visual performance.

LED Technology


Optec selects only top quality diodes in terms of lumen, color, and efficiency. As the essential starting point in the design and engineering of all our displays, the LED bins we select and deliver are from the finest diode manufacturers in the world.

Opt-Slim LED tiles are calibrated and tested with specialized tools, by our highly-qualified engineers, to maximize visual performance, brightness, and efficiency. The Opt Slim features a unique black tinted LED surface, together with the LED tile’s black mask, they create eye-popping high-contrast visuals.

Our LEDs are engineered to last an average of ±100,000 hours (±10 years).

Pixel Pitch

Pixel Pitch Options

Pixel Pitch

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Viewing Distance

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Pixel Pitch

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Viewing Distance

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Pixel Pitch

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Viewing Distance

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Picture Perfect

The Opt-Slim is stunning any way you look at it.

A wide color palette with state-of-the-art calibration ensures high-quality color representation.

±3840 Hz, 60 FPS smooth, full motion, TV and camera-ready visual playback.

At low brightness the display is capable of presenting a color rich, clear picture without visual distortion.

View the display easily from wide angles creating greater visual impact.

Bigger. Brighter. Bezel Free.

Opt-Slim outperforms projectors and LCD TVs.

LED vs. Projection

(L) Projection is dim, low contrast, and requires a dark room which limits use and lowers the overall experience.

(R) LED is large format, bright, high contrast, and bezel-free. It is the ultimate viewing experience.


(L) LCD TV’s are bezeled, dim, low contrast, and are difficult to calibrate. They have a lower overall visual experience.

(R) LED is bezel-free, has uniform color and brightness, and is high contrast. It is the premier video wall experience.

Making design dreams a reality

Custom design options create immersive visual environments.

Modular Geometry


Opt-Slim’s unique cabinet design features built-in curve adjustment components. Design experiences that have ±5 degree concave or convex curves. Design your display follow the shape of your environment. Create unique, seamless, eye-catching immersive experiences with Opt-Slim.


Wall, Hang, or Floor

Opt-Slim features three cabinet mount options for hanging, wall, or floor installation. Design visual experiences easily integrated into a variety of locations, surfaces, and environments. Opt-Slim can be permanently installed or quickly assembled for temporary use. Specify more than one mount to keep your options open. There are endless possibilities.

LEDs are only half the story.

Designed for easy installation and service. Engineered for efficiency.

Cabinets & Components

Modular Cabinets

Opt-Slim’s modular cabinet provides greater design flexibility. Combine different size modules to create small or large displays. Align and connect modules with adjustable pins, and latches to create seamless displays. Quick-connect cables make power and data connection fast and accurate. Each module features SMD LED tiles from the same bin preserving color and brightness uniformity.

Installation & Service

Front/Rear Install & Service

Quick release LED tiles allow for fast, easy true front or rear display installation and module maintenance. Remove the corner tiles to access the pass-through holes for mounting. Selectively release tiles for access to important components and cabling. Opt-Slim makes installation and service easy even for the most challenging environments.

Lightweight, die-cast aluminum cabinet and component housing.

The display receives two sets of data signals in case one is deficient to prevent daisy chain outages.

Solid-state, fanless power supplies increase efficiency, with reduced noise and moving parts.


Network Connectivity

Multiple networking options make connecting with and communicating to your display fast and easy. Our solutions offer stable, secure, communication and data connections while providing greater display installation flexibility.

Media Connectivity


Tell us what you want to display and Optec will design a media playback solution for you. The Opt-Slim display is versatile and can quickly connect to a variety of visual media sources. Optec’s solutions team will specify the necessary components and connectivity options to bring even the most challenging visual experiences to life.


Powerful software for creating and delivering messages.



M.E. Pro+ is the most dynamic version of Media Editor ever. Innovative tools for creating, editing, and scheduling are built around an interface that is designed to deliver content quickly and effectively via PC desktop. Here are a just few features of this powerful software suite.

Cloud-Based Software Options


M.E. Cloud is a cloud-based software that allows users via a web browser on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to create dynamic content, schedule messages, and manage display settings quickly and effectively from any location*.


DNET is a SaaS cloud-based software allowing access to users on-demand, via Internet access, to manage a network of displays . Use a web browser on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to network, schedule, and manage content quickly and effectively from anywhere*.

Warranty & Certifications

Standard Warranty & Parts Commitment

Every Opt-Slim display carries a two-year parts and in-factory labor warranty1. Each display delivered carries a ten-year part availability commitment. For over 35 years, Optec has stood behind its innovative products with industry-leading quality commitments to our clients. Our warranty is our commitment to quality, reliability, and excellence.


Product Specs

All the details to geek out on.

Display Enclosure
Pixels(mm) Brightness(Nits) Tile Matrix(HxW)
2.6 1,000* 96×96
3.9 1,300* 64×64
4.8 1,300* 52×52
Cabinet Design Options(See available configurations chart for details.) Cabinet Serviceability
Modular Front or Rear
Modular Front or Rear
Modular Front or Rear
*± 5%
Color 281 Trillion Colors
Viewable Angle 160° Horizontal; 100° Vertical*
*(HB) 6.667, 8, 10mm: 70° Vertical Viewing Angle.
Contrast Enhancement Louver* w/ Light Reflection Design
*(HB) Features XL SMD Louver & Black Mask.
Dimming 100 Levels
Average LED Lifetime ±100,000* Hours
Color Processing 16-Bit Grayscale
Color Temperature 6,500K (Adjustable)
Display Capability Video*, Graphic, Text
*Live video playback available. Additional equipment required.
Video Frame Rate 60 FPS
Refresh Rate +3840 Hz (Adjustable)
Communication Ethernet, WiFi*, Wireless*, Fiber Optic*, Cellular*
Cabinet Construction Aluminum
Cabinet Ventilation Front* or Rear
*Optional. Select sizes (see cabinet design options above). Min. Cabinet Size 2h x 4’w. Max. 7’h cabinet.
Waterproofing (Front/Rear) IP65/IP54
Manufacturing Quality Standard ISO 9001
AC Power 120/208/240VAC 60Hz.
Operating Temp. / Humidity ± -20°~140°F / ±10~90%
Remote / Email Display, Power, Data, Tile, Pixel**
*Additional fee. Internet service required. **Optional.
PC / Cloud-Based M.E. Pro Plus; DNET 3.0*; M.E. Cloud*
Warranty 5-Year Parts & In-Factory Labor*
*Standard warranty.
*FCC Part 15 – Class A compliant. For certification details, contact your Optec dealer or sales consultant.

Modular cabinets are combined like “Lego” blocks to form a custom display.

Display Enclosure
Pixels(mm) Brightness(Nits) Tile Matrix(HxW) Module ResolutionPixels (HxW)
2.6 1,000* 96×96
384 192
3.9 1,300* 64×64
128 128
256 128
4.8 1,300* 52×52
104 104
208 104
Cabinet Size(Inch) (HxW) Cabinet Depth(Inch) (D) Cabinet Weight(lbs) Cabinet PowerMax. (Watt)
19.68 19.68
3.28 29* 240*
19.68 19.68
39.37 19.68
19.68 19.68
39.37 19.68
*± 5% *±10%

Download Product SpecsPlease consider the environment before printing.


Compare Opt-Slim Models

It’s okay to look.


  • Pixel Type: SMD
  • Pixel Pitch Range: 2.6-4.8mm
  • Brightness: ±1,300 Nits
  • Color: (Full) 281 Trillion
  • Refresh Rate: ±1920-3840 Hz
  • Viewable Angle: 140° Horizontal

Custom order


  • Pixel Type: SMD
  • Pixel Pitch Range: 2.4-5.14mm
  • Brightness: ±800-2,500 Nits
  • Color: (Full) 281 Trillion
  • Refresh Rate: ±1920 Hz
  • Viewable Angle: 140° Horizontal

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