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Three LEDs (red, green, blue) combine to form one pixel. The two primary pixel types we utilize are the surface mounted diode and discrete pixel. Each are offered in various sizes, configurations, and brightness levels. Our LEDs are engineered to last an average of 100,000 hours (±10 years).

Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch defines display resolution and viewing distance.

Pitch is the center-to-center distance between each pixel both vertically and horizontally. The smaller/tighter the pitch of a display, the higher the resolution and closer the viewing distance.


Pixels form tiles. Tiles form displays.

Pixels are fixed together to form tiles. The larger the pixel count per tile, the higher the resolution. Tiles are mounted together to form a display. Each tile is calibrated to ensure uniform color and brightness.

Pixel Pitch Range

Our pixel pitch range fits a wide range of visual needs.

Optec’s LED display design and technological expertise is translated into two product categories: indoor and outdoor. We offer a wide range of pixel pitch options designed and engineered to fit a variety of project and visual needs. For individual product and pixel pitch information, consult your Optec dealer or sales consultant.

Angular Resolution & Viewing Distance

The science behind pixel pitch, resolution, and viewing distance.

An image on a 20mm display, viewed at three feet or less, will appear pixelated. If the display is at the optimal viewing distance of 60+ feet away, the image will appear visible. The physics behind this is angular resolution.

Viewing Distance Chart

Our pixel pitch options fit a range of viewing distances.

Viewing distance is one of the most important factors in display selection. Close proximity viewing requires a higher resolution display. This chart illustrates product range (pixel pitch) and viewing distance. For individual product and project viewing distance information, consult your Optec dealer or sales consultant.

Brightness Range

Our LED brightness options fit a variety of environments.

Optec’s displays are designed to operate in a variety of lighting environments. Each display features manual or automatic dimming to maximize efficiency, aid viewing comfort, and reduce degradation. For individual product and project brightness information, consult your Optec dealer or sales consultant.

Brightness & Color Range

Calibration creates incredible visual experiences.

Each Optec display is calibrated pixel by pixel to ensure uniform color and brightness. The human eye can distinguish around 10 million unique colors. At over 281 trillion colors, our premier full-color displays produce remarkable broadcast quality images.

With vs. Without Calibration

(L) With Color & Brightness

(R) Without Color &
Brightness Calibration

Value Visualized

Four values guide display solutions.

Optec designs and engineers display solutions based on what values our clients deem most important to them. Balancing the values of resolution, viewing distance, brightness, and budget is essential in order to achieve display satisfaction. We created the diagram below to guide our clients, dealers, and sales consultants in selecting the Optec display solution that achieves balance between all factors. Your display decision starts with the question, “What do you value most?”

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