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Welcome guests, drive traffic, and build brand awareness with spectacular LED displays.

The hospitality industry highly values LED displays for their ability to clearly communicate messages to their customers. Optec’s wide range of indoor and outdoor LED displays offer a combination of exceptional image quality and straight forward usability.


Indoor LED Displays

Optec’s indoor product range features ultra-high pixel density LED tiles, designed for close proximity viewing and high resolution visuals. We offer stand-alone packaged products that are easily integrated into a variety of environments.


Outdoor LED Displays

Our outdoor LED displays combine Optec’s optimized graphic and video processing capabilities with superior LED brightness and resolution to add outstanding clarity and depth to displayed content — all within an all-weather tested, easy-to-service cabinet design.

Optec for Hospitality

Our experienced LED display solution teams are ready to help. They’ll advise you on a display solution to fit your resolution, viewing distance, brightness, and budget needs. From design consultation to integration review, through project management support and content services, Optec goes above and beyond expectations.

We Help Healthcare Providers:


Create displays that drive revenues, retention, and work to build and inspire brand, identity, and community.


Attract, inform, and retain clients though engaging LED display solutions.


Convey a brand image though incredible visual performance and clean, minimalist design.

Decisions are made together, with confidence.

Consider our team an extension of your team, together we go above and beyond.

There are many factors that go into creating the ideal LED display solution for you. We work together with your team from project planning through post-installation support and training, to make the process a first-rate experience.

Design concepts, visual performance, team goals, content management, scheduling, and more.

Hardware, software, communications and networking, security, access, management, users, and more.

Installation, electrical guidance, drawings, engineering reviews, maintenance, parts, service, and more.

Programs, budget, special pricing, financing, contracts, shipping, logistics, warranty, and more.

Conversation Starter

Leverage our experience to help guide your display solution.

For over three decades, we’ve worked with the hospitality industry to develop LED display systems to fit their needs. We start solution conversations by reviewing four key decisions points. Together, we will craft a display solution that best fits your needs. If anything LED was possible what would you do?

1. Project Scale

Project Scale and Location(s)

Every project is special and every Optec display solution is unique. Whether your project is small or large, one location or multiple locations, pilot or national program; we design display solutions that have the flexibility to keep up as you grow.

One Location

One isn’t the loneliest number to us. It’s typically the first of many. Whether it’s a solo, landmark, or pilot project; balancing the values of software, content, LED display, and communications, is essential to project success and the foundation for display system satisfaction and growth.

Multiple Locations

From multiple displays at one location to national programs, we make addressing technical factors, planning, and deployment easy. Our experienced experts will help craft a plan that will guild you through the process from pre-planning through post-rollout training and support.

2. Software Selection

Software Solutions

Project scale informs software selection. For a many in the hospitality industry, remote display management is essential to project success. Our cloud-based solutions feature top down content distribution, individual or group scheduling, and tools to simplify management, regulations, and oversight.


Specialized tools for creating, editing, and scheduling content via desktop application on an at location PC.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Advanced applications for creating, editing, and scheduling content via web browser on device from anywhere.

Third-party Solutions

Integrate our LED displays with a variety of third-party solutions to simplify deployment, adoption, and management.

Software Bestseller

M.E. Cloud

M.E. Cloud is a cloud-based software that allows users via a web browser on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to create dynamic content, schedule messages, and manage display settings quickly and effectively from any location*.

3. Display Selection

Display Solutions

With project scale and software established, display solutions based on indoor and/or outdoor product ranges are proposed. Hospitality companies often leverage a mixture of both indoor and outdoor LED displays. There are many visual, technical, environmental, and regulatory factors when specifying the right solution. We will guide you though the process and help you select a display solution with confidence.


Indoor solutions feature high pixel density LED tiles, designed for close proximity viewing and high resolution visuals.


Outdoor solutions feature bright LED tiles and durable cabinets, designed for a variety of viewing distances and environments.

Indoor & Outdoor

Our solutions are designed to work together to create seemless visual experiences for a variety of project and installation needs.

Display Bestsellers



Hospitality companies are leveraging Opt-Slim displays to create dynamic, engaging video wall and digital signage. Opt-Slim is durable with multiple mounting options and higher resolution visuals.

Infinity Series


The Infinity Series provides hospitality companies a versatile range of outdoor LED display options that deliver dynamic, eye-catching digital messaging.

4. Communication Selection

Communication Options

We design our products to integrate into a variety of environments, and with current and future aesthetic, network, infrastructure, and security trends in mind. Together, we will specify the right communication method to best fit your environment, media, security, and aesthetic needs.


Fast, secure, short-range network connection methods for a variety of environments. Standard on all Optec displays.


Integrate into existing WIFI networks, or leverage point-to point radios for secure longer range communication.


Our turnkey cellular solution enables a dedicated secure connection with greater installation flexibility.

Connectivity Bestseller

Cellular Service & Network Connectivity

Optec’s turnkey cellular solution* enables a dedicated secure connection with remote/cloud access to your LED display. Eliminate complicated network setup and wireless interference, and gain greater display installation flexibility.


Quality, reliability, and excellence.


Warranty & Parts Commitment

Every Optec LED product carries a multi-year part and in-factory labor warranty1. Each display delivered carries a ten-year part availability commitment. For over 30 years, Optec has stood behind its innovated products with industry-leading quality commitments to our clients. Our warranty is our commitment to quality, reliability, and excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes. We have multiple software options that allow for oversight and control over each location in your display system. You can add content, schedule the display, and manage settings all from one central location.

Each circumstance is unique. If you have a digital signage network or software system in place often, we can integrate that system with our displays. If you have other LED displays our teams can work with you to discuss your options.

Yes. In most circumstances we can ship the displays to the installation location. We will coordinate with your sign or audio visual company to arrange deliveries that work best for the project and installation needs.


Our clients and partners speak for themselves.

Working with Optec Displays is like having a partner, they’re not merely a supplier… not only are Optec’s products innovative but working with this company is a seamless process.

— Wally S. project manager, CBS Signs – Lincoln, NE.


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Decisions are made together, with confidence.

Once you’ve decided to build a unique display solution, the process is simple:

Optec’s specialized dealers and sales consultants are experts at addressing the technical factors that go into specifying the right LED solution for your project. They will guide you though the process and will assist you in selecting your display with confidence. Let’s get started.

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