Cellular Service Package

Optec’s cellular service package includes all communication hardware (cell modem + antenna), static IP activation fee, configuration, installation, and selected data service plan.

Our turnkey cellular solution enables a dedicated secure connection with remote/cloud access to your LED display.

Stable, Secure, and more.

Additional advantages make cellular a no-brainer.

Additional Advantages:

  • No Networking or WiFi Setup
  • Cloud-based Network Connectivity
  • Sign Installation & Location Flexibility
  • No Digging or Cable Runs
  • Clean Sign Appearance
  • No Building Mounts, Holes, or Wiring
  • Secure Optec Tech Support and Remote Access

Looking to upgrade to cellular?

It is never to late to consider a cellular communication package for your Optec LED display. We offer a wide range of cellular upgrade packages. For more information, contact your Optec dealer, AV dealer, or Optec support consultant by phone at 800.876.1667, email, or chat online.

*Select models only. Additional service fee. Terms & Conditions apply. Optec may amend the plan (including but not limited to adding or removing eligible models, varying or withdrawing the plan from time to time without notice. 1Lifetime: The full lifespan of the display (i.e. until the display is written off, or is otherwise permanently not functional as Optec may determine). Nontransferable. Modem: 1-Year mfg. warranty. Verizon Wireless coverage and services not available everywhere. See Verizon Wireless coverage map for more information. Terms subject to change. Verizon, Verizon Wireless, the Verizon logo, and all other Verizon marks contained herein are trademarks of Verizon Wireless and/or Verizon affiliated companies. If Verizon service is not available in the installation area, cellular service may be provided by an alternate vendor at Optec’s discretion.