Opt-TV is an ultra-HD LED Smart TV supporting 1080P, 4K Resolution and featuring multiple inputs, sizes, and unique mounting options. The Opt-TV is brilliant.

Opt-TV Highlights

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    ±800 NIT LED brightness. ±100,000* Hours lifetime. 24/7 Playback reliability.


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    Ultra-high pixel density. Bezel-free native 1080p, 4K* UHD Smart TV.

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    Quick release tiles allow for fast, easy module maintenance.

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    Slim 2.95″ (depth). Floor*, wall*, or hanging mount* options.


Technical Specifications


Size (Diagonal) 110″(HD) 138″(HD) 165″(HD) 165″(4K)
Brightness (Nits) ±800 ±800 ±800 ±800
Pixel (mm) 1.27 1.58 1.92 0.96
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9
Resolution 1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080 3840×2160
Power (Watts) 1,500* 2,150* 2,600* 3,100*
Color 281 Trillion Colors
Viewing Angle 165° Horizontal; 165° Vertical
Contrast Enhancement Matte Black Mask
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Dimming 100 Levels
Average LED Lifetime ±100,000* Hours
Color Temperature 1000-9500K (Adjustable)


Graphic & Video Support

Display Capability                    Video, Graphic, Text
Video Frame Rate                  60 FPS
Refresh Rate               ±3840 Hz
Audio                    2.1 Stereo Speaker
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    Smooth full motion video playback.


Cabinet Construction                                                               Aluminum
Serviceability Front
110″ Physical Size:         54″ x 96″w x 2.95″d   100″ Weight: 400lbs*
138″ Physical Size: 67.5″ x 120″w x 2.95″d 138″ Weight: 485lbs*
165″ Physical Size 81″ x 145.5″w x 2.95″d 165″ Weight: 750lbs*




Communication        Ethernet*, WiFi*
Input Signals          RF, S-Video, RGBHV, YUY, YC, & Composite


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    Network with Ethernet or WIFI*.

Electrical & Operating Requirements

Power Consumption (Set Avg.)     ≤3,100 w
AC Power                  110/220VAC 60Hz.
Operating Temp./Humidity ±32°~113°F/±10~90%


Cloud-Based                                                            DNet 3.0*


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    Control, network, and diagnose displays from anywhere with DNet 3.0*.

Product subject to change without notice.

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