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Celebrating 35 Years of LED Innovation

Founded in 1985, Optec Displays, Inc. has patented many of the biggest breakthroughs in LED display technology and has grown into one of North America’s leading large format, LED display manufacturers.


Built to wow. Built to last. Optec’s LED solutions help clients increase traffic, sales, and impressions. Target your market 24/7.


Optec’s industry leading 5 Year parts and in-factory labor warranty and 10-year parts availability gives our clients confidence in their LED purchase now and in the future.


Performance. Efficiency. Uncompromised Quality. We are constantly evolving to create a brighter future.


Our team of engineers are dedicated to designing and developing innovative long-lasting LED display technology, control systems, and software.


Innovation in Light TM

At Optec Displays, Inc. we are constantly answering the questions: How can we make situations into solutions? How can we make bright into brightest? How can we make special into spectacular? We are a leading LED display company founded on these principles.

Across the high-growth markets of indoor, outdoor, digit, we are creating unparalleled advances in led display technology, software, and applications. As a result we are building new market growth and new technical possibilities in our wake.

Our expanding product lines and commitment to growth are all in an effort to give our clients increased visibility and lasting value through our advanced products, services and support. It’s our way of making special in to spectacular.

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